The Skincare Diaries: Procrastinating Pretty

 We are way overdue for a Skincare Diaries entry!!

This time, please welcome Jenn from Procrastinating Pretty!! I love her fun, no nonsense approach to beauty...and her passion for skincare is one where I can imagine us talking for hours (days?!!)!! Plus she's got one of the best blog names around, and I'm slightly jealous I didn't think of it first LOL :-P  Her YouTube channel, also named Procrastinating Pretty, is filled with fantastic videos that are quick & show everything from travel to can watch one of my favorites HERE...

You can also catch up with Jenn on Twitter and Instagram! After her intro & skincare history, be sure to watch the video for her product specific routine :-)


Let’s just say right off that I’ve been a terrible blogger – though I’ve been on this side of the game for the past four years, I’ve really only been realistically consistent since about September 2014.  The fact that Gummy’s been a reader (also equal parts enabler and encourager) for almost three years is beyond insane, and I can’t thank her enough for checking in on me every now and then.  If you feel like dropping in for a visit, you can always find me at!


Skin care has always been a part of the conversation at our house – my older brother developed acne as a teenager, and I can’t remember a day that we didn’t discuss any and all rememdies.  He’s been on two round of Accutane, taken several types of antibiotic, tried every naturopathic remedy (Chinese herbs, poultices, elimination diets), 3-step-systems and with my encouragement, facials.  At the end of the day, this resulted in two things.  First, my mother was terrified I’d suffer the same skin fate and dragged me (there was a time I had to be dragged) to a facial every three weeks.  Second, it proved that all you can do is your best, and time really does heal all.  #existentialskintheory

Through my teenage years I was incredibly lazy with my skin and the only reason I didn’t suffer acne was through my mother’s diligence.  When I went away to university and away from the regimented monthly pore squeezing, genetic acne took vengeance.  I’m sure it was a combination of stress from school and eating poorly, but I like to think that it just needed to happen.  Come to think of it, if my skin hadn’t gotten worse, I would never have developed a regimen and discovered a lifelong hobby – yes, skin care is a hobby.

It wasn’t until I started the blog that I started practicing everything I knew and preached about skin – a consistent routine, drinking enough water, balancing hydration with cleansing, treatments – putting my thoughts out in public kept me accountable for my skin habits.

After a brief stint with the Clarisonic and continued birth control medication, my skin’s settled into a less finicky state.  Breakouts are now mostly due to my environment – a change in water or pollution or diet will set my skin off.  I do what I can to control all those situations, but what’s helped me the most is just not to sweat it.  Like everyone else, I delight in clear-skin days, but generally, I don’t let a random breakout get to me too much.  It’s a sign of everything else going on in my body, and frankly I appreciate the heads up!  This year, I’m working towards being healthy, controlling my stress and work-life balance, and hopefully that makes a lasting difference in my skin.

For my winter skin care, I’m sticking with treating blemishes that pop up and keeping my skin hydrated. I just turned 25 so I haven’t started thinking about anti-aging products just yet, but I think that’s the next step after I sort out my acne situation.  One thing though – I haven’t used an eye cream in about a year…recommendations appreciated!


Thank you so much, Jenn!!! 

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2014 Makeup Favorites they are!!!

***All items purchased by me or received as a sample with purchase. Links are to previous blog posts or other bloggers. 

2014 Makeup Favorites -

Like my 2014 Skincare Favorites, a few of these items I haven't talked about or reviewed yet on the blog...

Let's start with foundation :-)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 3.5 & 4 - So many rave about this foundation, and I've wanted to try it forever!! Late this year I finally ordered it and seriously...instant LOVE. And yes...that's LOVE in all caps because I understand what all the hype is about!! It somehow blurs, makes my skin look velvety in the most natural looking way, gives me my best possible skin...and is simply gorgeous and, and, and...  Only downside is color matching is a bit tricky so I have to mix colors. And the numbering seems to be off despite what the SA and others have said the number system is supposed to work. Highly rec actually going into the store to get color matched! 

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation - Review HERE. Still loving this and I've used up about 1/3 of it already! Fantastic staying power, and easy to apply and wear...just looks like my skin, but better! 

Corrector, Powder, Highlight:

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque - Review HERE. Never knew how much of a difference a corrector could make!! Love this one because I can actually wear it alone...and speaking of wear...I don't have to set it with powder, yet it doesn't crease and lasts all day!

Chanel Les Beiges in 20 - Yes, yes...I know...I know...I only recently proclaimed how much I was enjoying the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Guess what. Things can quickly change LOL!! I've had this in and out of my shopping cart since this Summer. Finally, I saw THIS video from Marianna...her voice kept repeating in my head, 'I'm kind of obsessed with this'... and well...sometime mid December I ordered it!!

Like the Armani Luminous Silk, this was instant LOVE!! I've talked to various people about how much I love the finish of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light, but unfortunately it's too dark for me. And the conversation continues about how I'd be the first in line if Hourglass comes out with a lighter version of Dim Light. Ahem! I think I found it??!! I really can't even describe it, but this has the most beautiful finish - not matte, not luminous but something between. I find it hard to overdo, and I haven't even thought twice about the MAC since I started using this! If I had to pick a top 2 of my favorite powders, it'd be this and Guerlain Wulong

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in 01 Highlight - Review HERE. So good I purged Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight! I can even use it on my lids to give me a bit of polish when I don't feel like digging out the eyeshadow. 

2014 Makeup Favorites -


Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric in 502 Skin & 503 Daybreak - I loved the formula of the Cheek Fabric, HERE, that I ended up ordering 2 additional colors. They seem to just kind of melt into the skin, and blend out beautifully. 502 skin is a beautiful natural color that works with so many lip colors that it's become my preferred blush color lately. 503 Daybreak has been my go-to when I just want to accentuate my cheeks more, and go lighter on the lips by wearing balm or the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Winterberry LE (as part of the set of 4 mini Holiday pencil set) - This color is exclusive to the set of 4. It's sold out on Sephora, so if you happen to still see it in a store grab it!! Such a great little set with a variety of colors, but my favorite is this Winterberry. It's probably my most used lipstick/pencil this Winter! Easy to apply, great formula and I always get compliments when I wear it :-)


Wayne Goss Holiday Brush - I bought the original black one last year, and loved it so much that I bought the white version this year! It's a fantastic all-around brush. I use it for powder, highlight, blush and lately have resorted to pinching the top of it so I can apply the LM Matte Radiance Baked Highlight on my lids! Plus it's soft and washes up really well. 

Suqqu Cheek Brush - I've had this one for almost 2 years now. I was so crazy excited to finally have it (thank you to that special lady who got it for me!!) because, you know, Lisa Eldridge always uses it!! But honestly, I couldn't really figure out the magic behind using it and stopped trying. Sometime this year I picked it up again and something just clicked. And now I love it!! It's just perfect for blending in super pigmented blush, and is fantastic for more precise and gentle placement of powder and highlighter. Did I mention it's SOFT!!! Not just soft,, this kind of soft...


YSL Bleu Celadon LE - Seen HERE. I hunted this down for weeks. Obsessed over it. Talked incessantly about it. Thought I'd never find it. Then guess whaaaaaaaat - an awesome Neiman SA found it for me!!! So it'll always hold a place in my heart ha ha!!

And that's a wrap for last year's Favorites!! Any surprises? Anything you've tried and love (or otherwise)?!! 

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Empties: December 2014

Last Empties post for 2014!! Though I didn't keep track of the total number, I've gone back through all my posts (including other empties type posts) so that I could give a grand total for the year! 

***All items purchased by me, or a sample with purchase. Links are to previous posts. 

Empties: December 2014 -

Empties: December 2014 -

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream - Staple product that I like to add whatever oils I have on hand and use the mixture as body cream. 

Glycolix Elite Fortified Cream - Review HERE. Love it & I'm on my second container!

Avene Thermal Spring Water (travel size) - Included as part of the Net-A-Porter Glossybox collaboration that I purchased earlier in the year. I used to regularly use the this product, but stopped partially to try other things and partially because I had a really hard time finding this size container. Love that it sprays a very fine mist that gives you an even application. It's a nice to spray on your skin as a last makeup step, and also for a midday refresher. Not revolutionary, but is still a nice product. 

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water - Review HERE. I thought this was my last bottle, but I found a partially used one in the back of the drawer! I'm testing out the Tom Ford makeup remover, so I probably won't be buying this for awhile, though I won't hesitate to repurchase again if the TF doesn't work out or just to have as a backup (though I'm really, really trying not to buy too many backups!). Definitely highly recommend!! 

LUSH The Olive Branch Shower Gel - I thought this had a nice smell, but I didn't care for the super runny felt like water coming out of the bottle! Will not be repurchasing. 

OPI Expert Touch Lint-Free Nail Wipes - I absolutely love using these to remove polish. I bought 2 packages from ULTA awhile back, but now they are kind of hard to find. ULTA doesn't have them on their site anymore...not sure if they are in store or not. But I did manage to find a 475 count box on Amazon! Otherwise Sally Beauty also has them online. 

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (mini) - Love! Staple product.

Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask - Review HERE. Still love these, though since I've been using the Sisley Eye & Lip Contour Cream I find I need these less. I still have a few to finish, then it's time to test the Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks! I would buy these again, but for the immediate future I'm itching to try something else :-)

Renee Rouleau Toning Cloths - Review HERE. These work so well to apply watery serums because you waste less product. I use these to apply the Alpha H Liquid Gold. At this point, these cloths are a staple! 

Safflower Seed Oil (sample) - Nothing to note as I only added this to my CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. 

Dry Bar Texas Tea Shampoo & Conditioner (samples) - Didn't like these enough to buy again. They seemed ok, but for the price they need to be pretty darn good!

Empties: December 2014 -

Empties: December 2014 -

One throwaway for December: Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in L308. I actually really love this color & the formula is quite nice. Plus, c'mon...that!!! However, for some reason the lid on this won't stay closed. I always find the bullet uncapped!! So annoying, not to mention the mess that can make. Sad about this one going into the bin :-(

Total Empties for 2014

Full size: 110

Samples (regular & deluxe): 48

Makeup: 1

Total total: 159

* This doesn't include things I threw away or purged because I didn't keep track of those the entire year. I will for 2015 though! 

For 2015, I'll start keeping a running total on each Empties post, or any other post that has Empties in it! I really feel like I cleaned a lot of stuff out last year, and I hope to continue the trend into 2015 :-) For Empties inspiration, I'm always in awe of Ellie over @ Beauty Products Junkie (just check out her totals for the year!!) !! When I grow up I'd like to finish as much product as she does every month!!! 

Yaaaay Empties!!! How do you feel about your Empties for 2014?!! Do you have any goals for 2015? 

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Lip Oils From YSL & Clarins

I passed on the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil when it launched because I didn't need anymore lip balm type products. But!! In December, YSL and Clarins have both launched their own lip oil balm/treatment products, and these I was very interested in because they looked like they actually had a tint to them. 

***All items purchased by me. Non Affiliate links included. 

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 4 I Rose You -

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 4 I Rose You, $32/.2oz @ Sephora, Nordstrom and other YSL retailers. Available in many colors. 

As always, the YSL packaging is gorgeous with a nice weight to it. The tube actually clicks closed, a detail I really appreciate! 

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 4 I Rose You -

The applicator is an interesting shape, one that is meant to hug your lips for a more 'precise and uniform application'. I didn't find it made much of a difference from a regular sponge tip applicator. However, if this was a more pigmented and lipstick type product, it might be useful??

The 4 oils this contains are: coriander, jojoba, apricot kernel and passiflora eludis seed (passionfruit seed). And this has the typical YSL fragrance. 

The good: The texture is pretty smooth and lightweight, not too sticky or tacky. The formula feels nice and hydrating. 

The bad: OMG this doesn't last. At all!!! Seriously...less than an hour and it left me thinking...did I put anything on my lips?!! 

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 4 I Rose You swatches -

The applicator makes it look like the color might be bright and pretty, even if it's sheer. Ok, not so much. But there's the arm swatch, yes that makes it look like it'd be subtle but still pretty?!! Nope. It looks like I didn't put anything on my lips. But that is probably due to the natural pigmentation in my lips. 

Ok, so I actually pretty much knew that going in from watching this video from Tarababyz (start at 8:21), but I still wanted to try this because the whole tinted lip oil thing sounded very interesting. Too bad it didn't work out. I wonder how all the other colors show on the lips?? I can totally deal with the lack of pigment, but pretty much zero staying power is just not acceptable! This was returned. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (LE) in 02 Raspberry -

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (LE) in 02 Raspberry, $23/.1oz @ Nordstrom and other Clarins retailers. 

I ordered this when I saw it in the New Arrivals section of Nordstrom Beauty. Given that the YSL was a bust, I was hoping for redemption in this one! This also comes in 01 Honey, which is a yellow/orangy color, but Nordstrom doesn't have that color at the moment. Oh, and supposedly this is Limited Edition. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (LE) in 02 Raspberry -

It's been awhile since I've purchased anything from Clarins. I used to be a highly devoted fan many years ago - most of my skincare and quite a bit of my makeup was from the it was nice to revisit the brand :-)  

I do really like the packaging on the lip oil! It may not have the heft and luxe feel of the YSL, but I still think the gold lid and lettering add a really nice touch and I quite enjoy pulling this out of my makeup bag! 

As you can see, the applicator is a much larger than normal sponge tip...

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (LE) in 02 Raspberry -

...and here's a side view. It's kind of strangely big, but somehow it works and is comfortable. 

This has a sweet berry scent, but I really like it and only wish it had a flavor too ha ha! I don't find it overwhelming, but if you are sensitive to fragrance you might give it a sniff test before purchase. 

Here are the oils this one contains: mirabelle plum, jojoba, and hazelnut. One less oil, but I actually find this more deeply hydrating than the YSL...I also find it soothing. 

This is also not sticky (well as much as a product of this type can be) or tacky. And while it doesn't have amazingly long wear time, I can at least get a couple hours out of it before I feel it starting to wear off. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (LE) in 02 Raspberry -

Now, you'd think from this swatch that it is going to show up even less than the YSL, but guess what?!!! While it is very subtle, I can tell I have actually applied something to my lips - and I really love the color! ***EDIT: This is still very sheer, but as opposed to the YSL where it just looked like clear gloss, with the Clarins I can at least see a little color even if it's just a hint :-)

So I'm keeping the Clarins!! Staying power isn't super duper, but at least I can work with it. Plus, I love the fact that it's very hydrating and soothing, and makes my lips look good :-) 

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