Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink

Last year, I started exploring Sisley products, and started off with the Phyto Lip Twist last Spring. I ended up selling that in a blog sale, but decided to try an eye cream later in the year. The Eye and Lip Contour Cream was a 2014 Skincare Favorite and nudged Shiseido Benefiance out of the top Holy Grail spot!! Not an easy feat, as I had been loving the Shiseido for 8 or 9 years!! 

Browsing the New Arrivals on the Nordstrom app led me to this purchase sometime around the Holidays...

***All items purchased by me. Affiliate links included.

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose (right) & 8 Pink (left) - $57/.2oz @ Barneys, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

I flat out love the packaging. The squared off edges speak to my OCDness (hello easy to organize ha ha!!), and the combo of gunmetal and clear acrylic make the tubes look sleek and modern. And this does have a little weight to it. 

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose (right) & 8 Pink (left) -

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose (right) & 8 Pink (left) -

As far as color, 8 Pink (pictured on the left) isn't pink. Nor is it Red. I guess it falls somewhere in the Red family, with a hint of pink? It's definitely more vibrant and punchy than a classic red, and makes for a great pick-me-up kind of color :-) And  I think the 2 Beige Rose description is pretty accurate. 

I'm not generally a fan of a brush applicator for a gloss...see the brush hair sticking out on Beige Rose?! Buuuuuuut...I really like this gloss. A lot!!! So I'll forgive the sad little brush lol :-P 

This is a little thicker, but not gloopy or too thick. By nature of being a gloss, it does have some tack to it, but it's not too sticky. I find this formula hydrating and comfortable enough to wear all day, and it provides a little cushion so you don't feel like it's going to slide right off. 

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Daylight, one swipe. 

Pretty darn pigmented, right?!! But for as pigmented as this is, I still wouldn't put this into the liquid lipstick's definitely a gloss. So you can wear it full on like this...but I prefer to wear pat it in with my finger wear it like this...

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Late afternoon sun, one swipe patted with finger. 

Patted down you can see a bit more of the pink undertones in 8 Pink. I really love both colors like this, and feel they really add a little dose of happy whether worn alone or layered :-)   They might not be super unique to the eye, but once applied they just work really well with my skin tone & lip pigment. 

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Shade, 1 swipe.

Swatched: Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss in 2 Beige Rose & 8 Pink -

Shade, 1 swipe patted with finger. 

Despite the brush applicator, I'm very happy with these 2 glosses!! The formula and colors more than make up for it, and I get to smile inside whenever I pull out the beautiful tubes. Sigh :-)  This is why we love makeup, right?!! 

And...ahem...Barneys Love Yourself event should be coming up soon...might be an idea if you are looking for things to try!! 

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That Time I Spent All Night Practicing Liner...

Ok all night is an exaggeration ha ha!! A couple of hours is more like it, but it seemed longer because by the second time I removed the liner my eye area was feeling tender. Wait. What am I even talking about in the first place?!!?!

Remember all the times I've complained about my lack of skills in the eye look department...not just shadow but liner and everything else too...and have more or less denounced wearing anything but a wash or super simple look? If you don't know you can catch up on the latest posts HERE and HERE

Sooooo...I've been thinking lately that perhaps I need to revisit things. That perhaps part of my problem is simply due to lack of skills. I can muddle through and fake a smokey eye, but anything more than that is kind of beyond me. I always marvel at these women in videos that can whiz through eye makeup and blend like they were born with a shadow brush in their hand!! I mean, I still think I prefer a simple look on me, but I also don't want to make myself timid about trying things out or sporting something different. Options, right?!! 

In an attempt to be all crazy and go outside my comfort zone, I decided I'd start by trying to up my eyeliner skills. It takes forever because I can't quite get things even or straight and such. Here's how things went!!

***All items purchased by me. Affiliate links included.

Left pic is the before...right pic is the after, to show how much I used (LOL that's one way to use things up!)...

Weapon of choice was the Armani Smooth Silk Waterproof Eye Pencil in #2 Brown. They don't call this Smooth Silk for nothing!! I don't think I've done a proper review, but if you haven't tried it yet I'd highly recommend it. It's super duper smooth and creamy (not tugging!!), yet gives you just enough time to play with it a bit before it sets. One slight drawback I found during this little experiment was that I had to sharpen it after each application in order to be able to have a more precise line. If you are doing a smudgy look you won't need to sharpen it each time though.

Master of selfies coming your way!! Yeah, right ha ha!! Anyway, I think this was the third or 4th attempt...I have such a hard time getting the thickness of the liner equal on both sides - and I actually need it slightly thicker on my left eye corner (right eye as I'm facing you in the pic - the thinner line) to balance things out. But that's what we are practicing for, yes?!!! I also tried to do a slight wing. Meh.

The aftermath!!!

I think I ended up applying, and removing a total of 5 times...and my eyes sure hurt afterward (even with taking breaks!). I think after the second time I finally smartened up and got the eye cream out so I could reapply that, too. 

What did I learn??? I need more practice. LOTS more practice. 

Did any of my skills improve? Sadly, no LOLOL :-)  But at least I used up some product👍  

There's always next time, right?!?!! 

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Mini Review: Tom Ford Makeup Remover

You know how you get a bit bored of using the same product, even though it's a favorite?!! I was starting to feel that way about the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water and decided to see if the Tom Ford Makeup Remover could replace it. Plus I've never tried anything from the Tom Ford skincare line!

***Item purchased by me. Affiliate links included. 

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

Tom Ford Makeup Remover, $45/5oz @ Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks 

The bottle is plastic...not what I'd expect from Tom Ford, but given the $45 price tag it's not unforgivable. Not saying $45 is cheap, but given the larger 5oz size I'd expect to pay more to get a glass bottle of this size. Regardless, the packaging is still sleek and in line with the rest of his products. 

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

This is a bi-phase makeup remover (the bottle is slightly frosty so it was a little hard to capture in pics, but at least you can kind of see the bubbles in the middle where it starts to mix) - somehow I missed that in the description?? Not a bad thing, but I prefer something I don't have to shake up. Anyway!

This removes makeup well, and rivals my favorite Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water in that department. It might even be slightly better than KGD at removing stubborn eye makeup and lipstick stains that have been on all day, though I still don't think either is as quick or thorough as a cleansing oil. 

I'd give this 2 thumbs up except that it leaves a slight residue that doesn't just rinse off with water, or even with a muslin/baby cloth. I definitely feel like I need to use a cleanser afterward just to remove the residue. With KGD I feel like I can get away with just rinsing with water and a muslin/baby cloth (EDIT: I don't feel KGD leaves a residue, but I still rinse with water because I know I applied product & the cloth is used on lazy days for extra oomph when KGD is all I use). I mean I still double cleanse, but I do it just to be sure rather than feeling like I NEED to (as with the Tom Ford). Then again, I haven't used a ton of bi-phase makeup removers so I'm not sure if this is typical?? 

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

I'll finish this up, but won't be repurchasing. I really am not into makeup removers that don't rinse clean...when I use a cleanser afterward I want it to clean my skin vs. needing it to clear away makeup remover. Any recs for other Tom Ford skincare to try...or should I just stay away???!!?!

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I Love My...Mugs!!

I meant to make the 'I Love My...' post a regular series, but somehow I got sidetracked. And one post does not a series make ha ha!! So here's my second attempt, to take a little break from the regular and show you non-beauty things I love :-)  

This time...the newest additions to my mug collection! Why you ask? Because I love drinking tea or coffee, and more importantly, I love and appreciate the ritual and time taken to sit and enjoy a moment...

***Items purchased by me. Non affiliate links included.

L to R: 

Valentine Mini Heart Mug (I ordered the matching bowl but it's on backorder), $10 @ West Elm

Blue dot mug from West Elm (not available online), set of 4 bought on sale

Valentine Teeny Heart Mug (I also have the matching bowl!), $10 @ West Elm

Vincent Van Gogh, Green Wheat Fields Quote Mug, $12.95 @ National Gallery of Art

Not an art buff or anything of the sort, and despite taking a couple of Art History courses...well...not sure I remember anything except that I can memorize the sh** out of something the night before a test ha ha!! So while I can't regurgitate artists, dates and museums anymore, I still am drawn to van Gogh and especially loved the quote on the back of this mug :-)  Plus it reminds me of the time Mr. G & I spent in Washington, DC for our anniversary a few months ago!! 

Do you have a ritual or anything you like to do to enjoy a moment? 

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