I'm a lady who loves her beauty products! No makeup makeup is my game & pretty packaging gets me every time, though I'm willing to forgive that with skincare (but only if the product is effective!). 

I'm a Stewardess who prefers quiet spaces and places, but I could talk all beauty all the time! Please enjoy your visit!

xoxo Gummy

Some of My Favorite Non-Beauty Instagram Accounts

Believe it or not I do spend a little bit of time enjoying non-beauty pics on Instagram ha ha!! Here are some of my favorites...


The Dogist @thedogist - All the adorable, fluffy, sweet dog pics you can handle...

Sophie Trem @theotherartofliving - not just for gorgeous flat lays of'll find lots of other beautiful pictures too!

Phil @afloralfrenzy - Of course there are amazing flower photos, but there are also some cute/funny ones like the one here :-)

The Run Dept. @nikerunning - While I'm not a runner (I jog sometimes - SOMETIMES), I somehow find all these running pics really beautiful and inspiring! 

Who are some of your favorite non-beauty Instagrammers??


Back Burner Blast V: Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Quince, By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat in Moon Glow, Benjabelle Sunflower Brush Tree

Empties: August 2014