I'm a lady who loves her beauty products! No makeup makeup is my game & pretty packaging gets me every time, though I'm willing to forgive that with skincare (but only if the product is effective!). 

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What Lipsticks Am I Missing?

Welp, I've managed to whittle/purge my lippie stash down to this sad little pic :-( 

Not included are lip balms and the 2 Fall Chanel Rouge Coco Shines I just bought. I haven't tested those yet, so I'm not sure if I'll keep them - until that's decided I won't officially consider them part of my collection. 

Think I'm pretty good on pinky/nudes, and I'm not huge on corals so I think I'm good there too. Here's where I think I'm lacking and would like to explore:

* Fuchsia family

* Reds (prefer cooler toned)

* Vampy colors, preferably ones that lean more violet/purple

Think I'd like to stay away from traditional glosses for the moment, but I'm up for anything else. If you have any suggestions or favorites, please let me know - I need help LOL!!  Happy Saturday :-)


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