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Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Ok, Ok, Ok...fine...I only know about 2 ways to tie a scarf. One is the simple loop where you make a loop out of one end and pull the other side through the loop. The other is haphazardly wrapping a too long scarf multiple times around my neck, somewhat trying to achieve that messy-on-purpose look! 

But guess what...I found this awesome video from Nordstrom that shows you a ton of different ways to tie a scarf!! It's really great because you can see what it looks like on an actual person rather than simple pictures or illustrations. I loved wearing scarves before...but whoa...this just opened up a whole new world :-) 

Here are some scarves from that I'm really diggin'...

Armani Collezioni Gauzy Scarf, $235 

Halogen Linen Scarf, $38

Nordstrom 'Provincial Blossom' Cashmere and Silk Scarf, $88

Emilio Pucci 'Delft' Scarf, $330


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